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Matías Carnero, president of the plant committee of SEAT Martorell, has told Basque public broadcaster EITB, that they have received "political and monarchical pressure" to change their registered office and that "during a meeting in the Zarzuela [Palace, the Spanish monarch's official residence] after 12th October, there were conversations about the future of SEAT". As to who might have made such a call of the company, Carnero explained the relationships between the car manufacturer and the Spanish government and monarchy: "the king and [prime minister] Mariano Rajoy know SEAT's managers and councillors, let's not forget that one of the councillors of the administrative board is Josep Piqué, from here, everyone can draw their own conclusions". Piqué is a former president of the Catalan branch of the PP (Popular Party, which Rajoy belongs to) and held a number of central government ministerial positions while José Aznar was prime minister.

Carnero confirmed there are worries within the company due to the political conflict and that they've started a crisis cabinet. "We've met with the president and two others in the last three days to evaluate the Catalan political situation." However, he said that SEAT "doesn't want to get involved in any political conflict" and that the company's objective is to continue working and selling products.

On the topic of changing their registered office, he explained that there's no reason to worry, as SEAT has an office in Madrid which "is where Mr García Sanz is, the president of the administrative council, and it would only mean moving a telephone, a chair and a table, plus the taxes involved", although he repeated that they've received pressure to make it "interesting" for SEAT to move, but said that they won't take a position.

Carnero also said that the presentation of their new model is still planned, but has been postponed because it wouldn't currently have the desired effect. Finally, he confirmed that he can "guarantee work, since we're in a sweet period for sales" although it's unknowable what will happen within two months. That said, "with the predictions received in recent days, sales have gone up".