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Today, acting Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) held a series of talks with the leaders of the main Spanish parties to discuss the situation in Catalonia. After the meetings, he gave a speech directly addressing Catalan president Quim Torra and his ministers: "Both the president and the members of his government have the moral and political duty to condemn the use of violence with no excuses and unmitigated, with maximum clarity and determination."

Over the last few days, unrest has been seen around Catalonia involving a small percentage of those who have taken to the streets in demonstrations. As such, today, Pablo Casado (PP) and Albert Rivera (Cs) asked him for a whole range of measures, from applying the National Security Law and sending all the police they can spare to Catalonia to suspending Catalan autonomy. Although the interior ministry has announced 200 further officers will be sent to join the roughly 2,000 already moved temporarily to Catalonia, Sánchez has for the moment decided against taking any other measures. "Those who are violent have to know they will meet with moderation as a form of strength. We won't overact," he said.

The prime minister also differentiated between those who protest peacefully, who he has "nothing to criticise for and who the state has to protect" and the "deployment of perfectly organised violent groups, determined to alter social harmony with violent and vandalistic actions".