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Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart have sent, via their lawyers, a message of calm and composure to all Catalans from the Soto del Real prison.

The lawyers visited them this morning for some two hours, telling them that "it will probably take some time" and that demonstrations have been called around Catalonia.

Marina Roig, Cuixart's lawyer, communicated the following statement to the journalists waiting outside the prison: "All citizens who want to should go to the rallies. Calm, composure and pacifism. We reject any type of violence. It's a time to remain calm and to do things the way they've always wanted to, peacefully and civilly."

Jordi Pina, Sànchez lawyer, said: "I ask all citizens of Catalonia to have patience. The road map set out is the same. Nothing should be changed because the Jordis are in prison. Everyone should stay calm and composed. Violence doesn't lead anywhere. The call for peaceful and civil action that Òmnium and ANC have always made cannot change."

Pina described this evening's demonstration as "a rally of peace" and encouraged the public to take part: "It's fantastic and marvellous that everyone should protest and demonstrate because it's a constitutional right".

Sànchez and Cuixart have spent the night together in the new inmates wing and from today will be placed in wing 4, for non-confrontational prisoners. "The night has gone well", said Pina as he left at the end of the visit.

Appeal in progress

Meanwhile, their lawyers are starting work on the appeal they plan to present within 48 hours. They hope that the appeals court has different criteria and will accept their arguments.

In the text, they say that they don't "agree that these facts constitute a crime of sedition". Nor do they admit a flight risk, the possibility of destruction of evidence or of repeat offence. "They don't fit the law," said Pina.

The prosecution's arguments are "scarce and scanty", said Sànchez's lawyer.

The lawyers didn't want to discuss the acts by the public prosecutor nor the judge, only saying that the "they are imprisoned in a process that has a political component".

Pina and Roig will also study whether to ask for Sànchez and Cuixart to be transferred to Catalonia, but, given his experience with other clients, like former president of Barça Football Club, Sandro Rosell, Pina isn't sure.