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The Comitè de Defensa de la República (Committee for Defence of the Republic) in Catalonia called for border closures within today's "countrywide standstill". The actions aimed to affect borders with all neighbouring territories: Aragon, Valencia, Andorra and France. Some places saw closures from early this morning, whilst others started after the end of the 12pm mobilisations.

The organisation defined five specific actions:

  • Ebre (AP-7, with Valencia), for people from Tarragona, Penedès and Garraf counties.
  • La Jonquera (AP-7, with France) for those from Baix Montseny, Maresme, Gironès, Barcelonès and Baix Llobregat.
  • Puigcerdà (N-152, with France) for those from Vallès Occidental, Alt Ter and Vallès Oriental.
  • Seu d'Urgell (N-145, with Andorra), for those from Catalunya Central.
  • Alcarràs (A-2, with Aragon), for people from around the area of Ponent.

The committee also called for protesters to follow the "En Peu de Pau" protocols for peaceful demonstrations, and to take everything necessary to spend hours outside on the roads.

Border with Aragon

The closure at the border with Aragon started minutes before 1pm. Tailbacks started to form on the A-2 at Alcarràs, with actions also being carried out at Alfarràs and Almacelles.

Translation: Operation Border started! People needed at: Almacelles, Alcarràs, Alfarràs.

Border with Valenica

Closures were seen at the same time on the AP-7 between l'Aldea and l'Ampolla with the aim of restrict traffic to and from Valencia. Dozens of people are involved, carrying a banner reading "let's stop the country".

Residents close the AP-7 between l'Aldea and l'Ampolla. #CountrywideStandstill #8NovStandstill

Border with Andorra

The road between La Seu d'Urgell and Andorra (N-145) has seen closures since early this morning. Dozens of people have taken part, standing and sitting in the middle of the road with bales of hay and estelada "starred" pro-independence flags.

Andorra La Seu carretera 8 novembre / AS

Andorra La Seu carretera 8 novembre / AS

Alba Solé

Border with France

The French border has also been also closed at Puigcerdà (N-152) since 8am. Bales of hay were also used to close the road, as was a large tree trunk, blocking traffic in both directions.

Frontera Catalunya a Puigcerdà / ACN


Traffic blocked off at Puigcerdà at the border with France.

As for la Jonquera, the main route to France and the rest of Europe, the standstill also started early this morning. Long queues formed quickly, at the main hub for transporting goods in Catalonia. The closures took place between Borrassà and Llers, with affects multiplying since midday.

Let's continue the closures around the country! #GeneralStrike8Nov

Border AP-7 at La Junquera, Via Laietana in Barcelona, C-32 at Mataró...