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Several dozen people gathered this morning in Puerta del Sol square in Madrid to call for the release of the Catalan political prisoners. Protesters showed symbols like yellow ribbons, Spanish republican flags, some estelada "starred" pro-independence flags, and even a ballot box from the 2017 referendum. The demonstration was organised by Madrileñ@s por el derecho a decidir (Madrilenians in favour of the right to decide).

The demonstration defended the right to self-determination and insisted that the ongoing detention without bail of the prisoners is violating their rights. Protesters also suggested the verdict in their case could be "disproportionate" and will have repercussions for the whole of Spain. In a statement, they express their opposition to the "silence" from so many Spanish institutions over the "great injustice" with the political prisoners.

The demonstration ended with those present singing L'Estaca by Lluís Llach, a song about people tied to the titular metaphorical stake which has become a common feature of such protests. The ballot box had been left at the feet of the statue of the bear and the strawberry tree, the symbol of Madrid. No incidents were reported.

os i l'arboç urna 1 O Madrid decidir

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