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A new complication around the 1st October. The State Public Prosecutor's Office has said that it will now monitor minors who attend demonstrations related to the referendum and miss school to do so. This was announced this lunchtime by the Coordinating Prosecutor of Minors, Javier Huete Nogueras, to the chief prosecutors and prosecutors in charge of minors of Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona.

According to Huete, the situation in Catalonia raises the possibility that "events lead to situations that put minors at risk" and, as such, it calls for "carrying out a tailored monitoring of each case, starting a risk assessment".

Not only that, it also requires the Catalan Education ministry to remind the centres within its control that "even if they have parental authorisation... the communication of the attendance of minors to gatherings or demonstrations doesn't exempt them from their obligations of custody of the minors".

Nor is it "cause to justify exempting parents or tutors or school centres from the civil responsibility for material or personal harm that minors might cause or that could befall minors due to their participation in the gatherings".