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The appointment of Josep Borrell as High Representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy -still pending ratification in the European Parliament- has not only raised all kinds of criticism in Catalonia for his furious attitude against independence, but also throughout Europe, where his political position is already known, but also the arrogant role he played on a German television.

Now, the 'think tank' Polish Institute for International Affairs (PISM) has made public its concerns about Borrell's election for an official that has to represent European Union's foreign policy, noting that it is likely that he will block the situation in Kosovo to defend the Spanish position of not fuelling Catalan independence.

"Borrell's legal problems ..."

Despite pointing to his "lengthy experience in Spanish politics" and highlighting "assertiveness" as one of his qualities, the report notes that "Borrell's legal problems may raise concerns about his candidacy," recalling two episodes: the fine with which he was sanctioned last year "for the use of confidential information" in the sale of Abengoa shares; and the fact that collaborators of his in the Spanish treasury were sentenced to prison for corruption in 1999.

In addition, the 'think tank' points out that although Borrell is likely to follow the objectives of its predecessor, the Italian Federica Mogherini, with respect to EU's global strategy, it cannot be ruled out that "his priorities will be affected by Spanish interests", among which irregular migration and relations with Latin America.

However, the essence of the report is the concern for Borrell's potential policy regarding the Western Balkans, since precisely because of his "opposition to Catalan separatism," Borrell "will try to avoid addressing the uncomfortable issue Kosovo's status," a country that Spain insists on not recognising "for fear of creating a precedent for the independence of Catalonia". The PISM also points out that active policy making related to Russia will not be one of Borrell's priorities, an aspect that is of particular concern to a country like Poland.