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The president of the Official Barcelona Medical Association, doctor Jaume Padrós, comparing the management of the health crisis between Madrid and Catalonia has been categorical: "A life in Madrid is worth less than in Catalonia, both socially and economically", he stated on Catalunya Ràdio.

Josep Maria Argimon, Secretary of Public Health, in a joint interview at which they presented the book on Covid-19: '2 doctors and 1 pandemic', written by both of them, agreed with him.

Covid-19 death toll data

They used the total number of deaths caused by coronavirus as an example. Padrós warned: "If there had been 6,000 or 7,000 Covid-related deaths on the table, Catalonia would not have been able to bear it". Argimon added: "Discussions on the impact on citizens' health would not be acceptable to Catalan people had 7,000 additional deaths been added to the toll".

The death toll in Catalonia since the start of the pandemic on March 31st is, according to the Spanish ministry of Health, 21,311 deaths. Madrid’s death toll is 23,178 since March 30th. If we compare this with the total population of each region, the percentages are as follows: 0.28% deaths in Catalonia and 0.34% in Madrid. It should be borne in mind that Catalonia has 7.5M inhabitants, while Madrid has 6M. The differences are evident.

Padrós regrets that some of the decisions taken by Madrid’s president Isabel Díaz Ayuso have been "affected by the disagreements" between her and the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez. Argimon is convinced that, given their consequences, "civil society" would not have allowed this to happen.

The president of the Official Barcelona Medical Association also believes that the existence of "intermediate sectors that may be uncomfortable for politicians" is a good thing. He admits that he has come up against many legitimate interests: "I've been contacted by presidents from associations of different sectors which have been affected, and thought we were a lobby. Our only concern is the protection of those most vulnerable". He concludes: "We are here to help, not criticise”.

Analysing the current situation, Padrós confirms what everyone is saying: "We are facing a probable fourth wave, how serious it will be depends on our future actions". Argimon issues a warning: "Before April 9th there will be a tightening of restrictions".