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The first images of Oriol JunquerasRaül Romeva and Joaquim Forn in Estremera prison emerged yesterday, in a video published by the Catalan newspaper Ara. The images have outraged many independence supporters and surprised others that they could be recorded and leaked. Junqueras's ERC party has already called for the prison service to investigate, and the party's secretary general, Marta Rovira, has called it "shameful".

Junqueras, the previous Catalan vice-president, appears giving a talk on ancient history to fellow inmates, including Raül Romeva, former foreign minister: "In Greece, we have the birth of philosophy dedicated to physics and natural things and philosophy dedicated to human things. The sophists are those who dedicate themselves to human knowledge. Protagoras, Gorgias and from there Socrates, and from there Plato, and from there Aristotle".

Forn, ex-interior minister, appears later in a library, writing. He is reported to be using his time in prison to write his memoirs. Other images include Junqueras in his cell and mopping the floor and Forn, in his cell and walking in the prison courtyard.

Many Twitter users have expressed their disapproval of the leaked video: some ask whether its publication was really necessary, others have directly described its publication as "indecent" or "unnecessary". Each tweet is translated underneath.

Without having the stomach or the wish to watch the video you're sharing, I've got to tell you that it's totally unnecessary. It doesn't add anything. Well, yes, morbid curiosity. Your faces should fall with shame for getting involved in this game.

And why? With what objective?

Because you've breached respect and the right to privacy!

Indecent, humiliating and shameful. Enough. 

That's humiliating. You've got no shame! 

Was it necessary?! Was it necessary to publish that? Are you Anna Rosa Quintana or Susana Griso? Watching it has made me cry... and it will make cry even more having to read the repulsive comments Tabarnians will make... You've really screwed up.

Translator's note: Ana Rosa and Susanna Griso are Spanish TV journalists known for their morning magazine shows which heavily feature tabloid and social stories.

For me there's a problem of unnecessary morbid curiosity here. We're too used to private matters being made public on social media, but in this case they're stolen images. Their permission, or that of their families, is the only important thing and if they've given it I'll be very surprised. 

I hope that after you've posted this video, they don't punish the political prisoners without courtyard [time] or sending them to solitary confinement! We're already suffering a lot seeing them far from their land and their beloved families. 

The newspaper Ara has published videos of Junqueras, Forn and Romera's lives in Estremera. This violation of the right to privacy (whoever the prisoner may be) has always seemed totally unnecessary to me.
On the other hand, who snuck a camera into prison?

I've just seen the video of Junqueras explaining classical thought in prison and I'm smiling to see that you can do nothing against such dignity, jailers.
You've already lost. It's just a question of time.

I think that Ara is making a mistake publishing the (stolen?) images from Estremera prison.
I find it unnecessary because it doesn't respect privacy enough, it feeds morbid curiosity and trivialises imprisonment somewhat (giving classes, playing tennis, reading in the library...)

I don't know if we had to see the video of the prisoners in Estremera. Do we have to give in to morbid curiosity.