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Multimedia group Mediapro describes a Civil Guard report which names their president, Jaume Roures, as a possible member of the "executive committee" behind the Catalan independence process, as an "attack against freedom of creation, expression and thought".

According to a statement from the group, the report, submitted to Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena, came with a DVD attached including the 1-O documentary produced by the company "as proof of the involvement of Jaume Roures and Mediapro in the plot to proclaim the independence of Catalonia".

Mediapro believe it to be an "extraordinarily serious and unheard of attacks on the freedoms of creation, information and thought that the production of a documentary should be considered criminal evidence by the Civil Guard".

"The mentioned freedoms", the statement continues, "included in the Spanish Constitution protect every citizen and we demand that they be respected also for the professionals who made 1-O, given the clear informational interest of the events which took place on 1st October 2017".

For Mediapro, "criminalising the documentary and its contents is a clear attempt to silence" the voices of the people who took part in the referendum. They also highlight that the document's premiere saw a record audience, with more than 1,100,000 viewers when it was broadcast on Catalan public channel TV3 for a 34.4% audience share.

Press centre

Nor do Mediapro "understand that it can be considered a crime to organise a press centre to welcome the media who travelled to Barcelona for the 1st October, and offering these facilities to all involved parties", noting that only half the appearances at the centre that day were by members of the Catalan government.

They also emphasise that the centre they organised "accredited more than 400 journalists from 150 outlets from up to 33 countries from around the world", including some of the largest international companies like Agence France-Presse, Reuters, Associated Press, BBC, Sky, RAI, Channel One, France 24, ARD TV, Al Jazeera and The Wall Street Journal.

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