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Pro-independence civil society organisation Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has released a manifesto in support of a joint candidacy of all pro-independence Catalan parties for the European Parliament election. That vote is to be held on 26th May, the same day as Spain's local elections and when 13 of Spain's autonomous communities will hold elections to their Parliaments.

"We believe that unity of action is essential to move forwards. As such, we demand a joint list for Europe," the text says. The ANC's argument is that "it's necessary to go to Europe as a defined national society in the European framework, it's necessary to be as visible as possible". They also argue that a joint list would give the parties more deputies than they would gain by themselves thanks to the "single electoral constituency" of the whole of Spain used for EU elections, instead of the smaller divisions used in other contexts.

In the manifesto, they also emphasise the fact that the "the multiplicative effect of a joint pro-independence candidates' list could also benefit from the Spanish state's increase in [number of] MEPs". The UK's planned departure from the EU at the end of March involves provisions that will increase the numbers of MEPs some of the under-represented countries have: Spain will go from 54 to 59 seats.


The text makes it clear that "electoral unity doesn't mean uniformity in action"; they are calling for a joint list simply for the independence movement to win the election.

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