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concert by singer - songwriter Luis Pastor, accompanied by his son Pedro, was scheduled for the 8th of September as part of the main festival of the Madrid district of Aravaca. The recital was planned for during the previous municipal mandate, but now, the new City Council government team headed by the right wing PP has decided to cancel the concert, a fact that adds to the cancellation of a live by Def Con Dos at the beginning of July, with the intention of avoiding "feeding hate speech."

Luis Pastor, singer-songwriter committed to the anti-Franco struggle, already suffered censorship in the seventies, at the end of the regime, when his first album was cut and only four tracks could see the light. Now, almost fifty years later, he has seen how his concert has been suspended by the political change in the Madrid City Council.

Specifically, according to several media from the Spanish capital, this has been the only event of the festival that has been canceled, and the decision would have been taken by the district councilor, Loreto Sordo. Still to be confirmed is the implication of the culture councilor, the Catalan Andrea Levy.

Protests on the net

The cancellation of the concert has generated a wave of protests on Twitter: