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Pascual Sala, a former president of Spain's Supreme Court, has today said that "it's impossible that there's rebellion" in Catalonia. He also raised doubts about the charges of sedition in the case investigating the events surrounding last year's referendum in Catalonia.

Sala, who has also been president of the Constitutional Court and the General Council of the Judiciary, expressed his disagreement with judge Pablo Llarena's indictments in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC1. He said there had been disorder, "perhaps disobedience", but in no case rebellion.

The former judge noted that many law professors agree with him in not sharing the investigating judge's opinion on rebellion. "In a general sense there might be disorder, disobedience of the Constitutional Court, but a violent public uprising, I believe that it's unlikely, impossible that could exist; sedition is problematic too".

Sala, who defended the independence of the judiciary, insisted that the problem is Catalonia is political and that, under no circumstances, should it be solved through the judiciary. Indeed, he believes the imprisonments don't help with resolving it. "The judges aren't there to do politics," he said.