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The decision by a judge of the National Audience court to decree prison without bail for the leaders of pro-independence organisations ANC, Jordi Sànchez, and Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, has already made its way all around the world.

Within minutes of the announcement, the BBC had already sent a "breaking news" tweet and gone live to their correspondent in Barcelona for their TV news.

Al Jazeera also had a report from Barcelona, discussing the imprisonment of Sànchez and Cuixart in a piece which also covered the day's other big story from Catalonia, the response from Catalan president Puigdemont to prime minister Rajoy. 

As well as these two outlets, many of the major international news agencies sent "breaking news" alerts. They included the US Associated Press, the British Reuters, the French AFP and the Russian Sputnik

As for European newspapers, two of the first were the Belgian Le Soir and the British The IndependentLe Soir linked to an article which explained that Sànchez and Cuixart are accused of having "called for and encouraged the hundreds of protesters on 20th September" in front of the Catalan Economy ministry after the arrests of 14 high-ranking Catalan government officials in the run-up to the referendum.

Translation: Catalonia: The heads of the two principle pro-independence associations in detention.

The Independent takes a similar line, describing them as leaders of "the two biggest grassroots pro-independence associations in Catalonia", going on to say that the two were "heavily involved in organising a massive protest aimed at hindering a Guardia Civil investigation in Barcelona into the build-up for the 1 October illegal referendum".

A number of other Francophone media outlets have reported on the event, like France 24, radio station RTBF and the newspapers Le Vif and l'Indépendant.

Catalonia: the heads of two pro-independence associations placed in detention for "sedition" 

Catalonia: preventive detentions for the heads of the pro-independence associations. 

Catalonia: preventive detention for the heads of the 2 principal Catalan pro-independence associations. #Justice

From Germany, DW News also picked up the story and, in the Netherlands, so did the country's public news broadcaster, NOS

Tweet: Once again, the main TV channel of the Netherlands opens with Catalonia. Today with the political detentions. #Catalonia.

Article headline: Two leaders of Catalonia's independence movement arrested