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Diplocat, the public-private consortium dedicated to raising Catalonia's international profile, has announced its formal reactivation after it was closed by the Spanish government in October 2017 through the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

In a statement this Friday, the council announced one of its first new acts will be a campaign, "#BooksAndRoses", to raise the international profile of Catalan festival Sant Jordi.

Part of the campaign is a website,, a collaboration between Diplocat and the Catalan Tourism Agency. It offers information in English, Spanish and Catalan, including a list of related events around the world.

The event, on 23rd April, will also see eleven international journalists invited to visit Catalonia to see the day. The body says such visits happened before article 155 was applied. This year, professionals from Germany, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, the UK, Estonia and Latvia will be part of the program.

Among Diplocat's other plans, on 3rd May, Diplocat will give a seminar in Barcelona on public diplomacy in the digital age.