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Pro-independence activist Adrià Carrasco, sought by Spanish police on accusations of terrorism, rebellion and sedition, is in Brussels. He is a member of the CDR, the Committees for the Defence of the Republic. Police tried to arrest him and another CDR activist, Tamara Carrasco, in Viladecans in April.

Carrasco will give a press conference in the Belgian capital this Thursday alongside his lawyer, Christophe Marchand. In fact, Carrasco has the same legal team as president Carles Puigdemont, the former ministers in exile and the rapper Valtònyc, coordinated by lawyer Gonzalo Boye.

Adrià disappeared on 10th April, when the Civil Guard turned up at his house to arrest him. A judge had issued arrest warrants against Tamara and him on a charge of terrorism for having taken part in road blocks organised by the CDR. The police arrested Tamara, but Adrià wasn't found. His location wasn't publicly known until today.

On Thursday, he will appear before the press for the first time since he chose exile at the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization). He will appear with his legal representation, Christophe Marchand, and a member of the support group Adri, et volem a casa ("Adri, we want you home"), Efrem Blázquez. Marchand knows the situation in Catalonia well because he's also part of the legal team representing Puigdemont and the former ministers in Brussels, both in the now-withdrawn European Arrest Warrants against them and in the lawsuit they've brought against Spanish judge Pablo Llarena.

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