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The pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong shows no signs of stopping. After 11 straight weeks of protests, plans are being finalised for another large-scale demonstration this Friday, 23rd August.

This week's plan is to create a human chain on the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way. One of the longest human chains in history, that protest linked Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania respectively, calling for their independence from the Soviet Union. Among the other protests it inspired was the 2013 Catalan Way when up to 1.6 million independence supporters joined hands to form a human chain which stretched 400 kilometres (250 miles) across Catalonia.

The initiative was suggested by a Hong Kong expat in Estonia on an internet forum. "The Baltic states showed the world they were united. Hong Kong residents are united now as well. All of our five demands must be fulfilled, especially our main demand: universal suffrage," the user, who goes by the username of 'Spring Worm', said.


"What's most important is that we attract the attention of the international media to show the international community our determination and unity to fight for democracy. We will put Hong Kong at the top of the international agenda, with the hope of receiving more international support," they explained.

The plan is to form three chains above Hong Kong's three main metro lines at 7pm local time (11am UTC). Just last Sunday, another protest saw, according to organisers, 1.7 million people flood towards Victoria Park.

Catalan pro-independence cultural organisation Òmnium, one of the groups which supported the Catalan Way, has expressed its support for the "Hongkonger Way" on Twitter: