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Global Spain has published a video online wishing a happy Thanksgiving to its "American friends" and explaining what it claims are the "Spanish origins" of the tradition.

The video, giving a rose-tinted version of the conquest and colonisation of the Americas, misspells the name of the holiday twice as "Thanskgiving" (0:13 and 1:07 below).

Global Spain is a body within the Spanish foreign ministry working "to defend and project the international reputation of Spain", especially in reaction to the Catalan independence movement.

The video has sparked criticism for its depiction of history. Native American attorney and activist, Brett Chapman, for example, wrote that it shows "a Spanish colonizer say[ing] "Thanks!" to a Native American leader likely as a taunt before murdering him".

He's not the only internet user to have reacted negatively to the video.

A year ago, Spanish foreign minister Josep Borrell, set to take over as EU high representative for foreign affairs on 1st December, had already angered the Native American community when he said there are no problems with political integration in the USA because "the only thing they did was kill a couple of Indians".

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