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A Spanish neo-Nazi who made a blatant antisemitic speech at a far-right rally in Madrid last year, Isabel Medina Peralta, has once again returned to the headlines, this time abroad. This Thursday, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that this follower of the Spanish Falange was refused entry at Frankfurt Airport due to items found in her suitcase. According to the leading German newspaper, airport officers found a flag featuring a swastika, a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf and a book from the propaganda series of the Nazi-era Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls) in the woman's luggage.

Federal German police prevented Medina Peralta from entering the country, according to the newspaper, after the Spanish authorities had advised their German colleagues that the woman was due to arrive at Frankfurt airport. Her visit to the country was to take part in far-right events, having already established links with the extremist movement in Germany last September, when the neo-Nazi party Der III Weg (The Third Way) sponsored Isabel Medina Peralta to spend ten months in Dusseldorf with party members, learning their propaganda and combat techniques before returning to Spain. Peralta left for Germany on September 7th, 2021 "to complete her training." Der III Weg is an antisemitic, racist and anti-capitalist party whose president is Klaus Armstroff, a former member of the neo-Nazi NPD party. The party in which Isabel Peralta did her internship also includes members of the extreme-right umbrella group Freies Netz Süd, which was banned in Germany seven years ago.

Medina Peralta's explanation

During the ID check on arrival at Frankfurt, the officers, having already been alerted, confirmed their suspicions and found Nazi material in the woman's suitcase, which Medina Peralta justified with the assertion that she "collects devotional objects because she is investigating the Nazi era while studying history." Der Spiegel explained to its readers that the young fascist is a prominent figure in the Falangist group Bastión Frontal (Forward Bastion) and that the Spanish authorities have long been investigating the group due to its clear calls for violent actions against immigrants. The antisemite's visit to Germany was thus cut short as the authorities sent her back to Spain.

Translation of tweet:
"'The Jew is to blame'. This is not Berlin during the Hitler regime in 1936, but Madrid, yesterday Sunday in 2021. Hate crime"— Enric Morera  

Medina Peralta became known among far-right sectors in Spain for her discourse before a tribute to the Blue Division - the Spanish forces sent by Franco to fight alongside the Nazis in World War II.  Her affirmations, made before hundreds at the authorised Madrid rally in 2021, included: "It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain and for Europe, now weak and liquidated. Due to the enemy, the enemy that will always be the same, albeit with different masks: the Jew. The Jew is to blame, the [Spanish] Blue Division fought them. And they are the European leaders of Communism, a Jewish invention."