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The higher regional court of Schleswig-Holstein has given itself the month of June to decide whether or not to extradite the president-in-exile, Carles Puigdemont, although it refrained from setting a precise timetable.

The court released a statement saying it has received the formal request from prosecutors for Puigdemont's extradition for rebellion and misuse of public funds and that its next step will be to decide whether to accept to consider the petition or not. The extradition requests for three Catalan ministers fell at this stage in Belgium, a Brussels court finding technical errors in the applications.

"The court is now examining whether extradition is legally admissible, on the basis of the accusations raised. It's still currently open when to expect a decision from the court over the admissibility of the extradition request," they write.

The statement closes saying it remains to be seen whether the decision will be taken this month.