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German business people and professionals have been offended by the attitude shown yesterday by their compatriot Karl Jacobi in an event at Barcelona's Círculo Ecuestre club with the speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent. Jacobi called forcefully for all independence supporters "to go to prison", kicking off a notable controversy.

Commerce delegate Hans-Peter Trauschke: "As a German in Catalonia, I feel offended by the KDF [Circle of German-Speaking Managers] and specifically by some of their (disgraceful) members. They do not at all represent the German community in Catalonia. Their statutes say they cannot take political positions."

Audiovisual creator Heiko Kraft: "I'm a German entrepreneur living and investing in Catalonia. I'm profoundly embarrassed by the lack of respect the speaker of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, had to experience today in Círculo Ecuestre in Barcelona. These people would never speak to any German politician this way. Shame."

An IT consultant called Ferran, also of German origin, wrote: "As a German resident in Catalonia for more than 65 years, I have to say that the disgraceful person who has called for the imprisonment of Catalan politicians in the Círculo Ecuestre is the typical xenophobe who scorned Catalans and Spaniards 50 years ago. They don't know Spanish, nor does it matter to them."

Journalist Ralf Streck: "A German employer in a meeting with Torrent got abusive, wants to see everyone who pushes the independence process in jail. Does this gem of a German democratic export (who shall remain nameless) want large camps for Scots or Brexit supporters too?"

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