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The French press has reported on the presence of a Spanish far-right supporter in a video posted online by Manuel Valls' campaign for mayor of Barcelona. The woman in question had previously been filmed singing the Franco-era Spanish anthem in Barcelona's plaça Catalunya next to a stand supporting the Catalan politicians in prison or exile.

She is the first person to appear in Valls' new video, saying that the former French prime minister represents "change, union and hope" for Barcelona.

Le Figaro reports on the incident, noting that although Valls has deleted the video and denied any alliance with the far right, "the controversy is growing in Catalonia".

The paper says that Valls' campaign team says they decided to remove the video "after confirming the girl's background", which they were unaware of when the video was published.

The regional paper Ouest France, the world's most-read French-language daily, opens its article: "Unease at Manuel Valls'. The former French prime minister, currently candidate for Barcelona city hall, in Catalonia, posted a campaign video in which a far-right activist appears".

Online news platform Loopsider, meanwhile, has put together a video explaining the case with clips from both Valls' campaign advert and of the woman singing the Franco anthem.