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Catalonia again takes to the streets this Tuesday in solidarity with Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart who have now been in Soto del Real prison near Madrid for three months.

But they won't be alone: Catalans abroad are also making their voices heard in today's protests.

The international branches of ANC (Catalan National Assembly), the CDR (Committees for Defence of the Republic) and the With Catalonia platform have joined forces to organise demonstrations this afternoon in different European cities. The plan is to collectively sign a "mega postcard" to be sent to the prisoners.


One of the most active groups of Catalan abroads, the one in Paris, will gather at 6:30pm at la Fontaine des Innocents, 43 Rue St Denis.

Translation: Paris awakes covered in yellow. For a free Catalonia, for a democratic Republic and for the release of the political prisoners.

Also in France, at the same time, Catalans in Nice will protest at la Place du Palais de Justice.


Milan's CDR has organised a gathering for the Jordis to take place at 7pm on Via dei Mercanti.

At Piazza 25 Aprile, date of Italy's liberation from Fascism.

United Kingdom

London's Parliament Square will fill with yellow for the Jordis at 6:30pm this Tuesday. The name of the event is "three months without them".

Picadilly [sic] Circus and Trafalgar Square this evening. [Pro-independence organisation] Omnium is preparing an important event, from a legal point of view, for the 16th in London.


Very close to Carles Puigdemont and the other exiled ministers, Catalans in Belgium will also take to the streets. The event will start at 6:30pm at Leuven's Ladeuzeplein.

European Commission tonight.


Catalans in Warsaw will also be covering their adopted city in yellow. They are to meet at Kolumna Zygmunta at 6pm.

New gathering today in Warsaw against the Spanish state's repression and to call for the release of the Catalan political prisoners. Go there, go there and go there!

One of the today's great objectives for Catalans abroad will be to be noticed by the local population, hence gathering at famous locations.