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Terrorist group ETA has released a letter announcing its dissolution which had been sent to various Basque organisations. In the letter, the group explains it has "decided to bring to an end its historical cycle and its role" and "completely dissolved all its structures".

As first published by (in Spanish), the text is accompanied by ETA's logo and seal and carries the date of 16th April. In other words, it's from after the statement in which the group apologised to its victims and admitted the harm it had caused.

"Euskal Herria is now before a new opportunity to definitively close the period of conflict and to construct its future between everyone. Let's not repeat the mistakes [of the past], let's not leave the problems to rot. That would be nothing more than a source of new problems," they write.

That said, they say: "the conflict didn't start with ETA and doesn't end with the end of ETA's journey". They describe the responsibility for the situation as being shared and accept "the part" that falls to them, wanting to "make a contribution on the path towards the attainment of peace and freedom in Euskal Herria [the Basque Country]".

The terrorist organisation again recognises the "suffering caused as a result of its struggle", "years of confrontation [which] have left deep wounds and have to be given the appropriate treatment". As such, they urge for a solution to be found to the conflict, calling for involvement from the government and Basque agents. "Those of us who have been ETA militants, for our part, want to confirm our commitment to getting completely involved in this task," they conclude.

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