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Full English translation of the letter, dated 16th April, by which ETA announces its definitive dissolution, first published by (in Spanish):

In Euskal Herria [the Basque Country], 16th April 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

Through this statement we want to make you aware of the decision which Euskadi Ta Askatasuna has just taken. ETA has decided to bring to an end its historical cycle and its role, concluding its journey. As such, ETA has completely dissolved all its structures and brought to an end its political initiative.

In this way, as a consequence of the change in strategy of the whole abertzale [Basque nationalist] left, ETA has finalised the process started in 2010, with the intention of starting a new political period in Euskal Herria.

In this process, the fundamental reference points have been the [2011] Aiete Conference and the end to armed violence which ETA announced three days later. It was an effort to manage to bring an orderly, rational and constructive end to the era of armed confrontation. The majority of you were direct witnesses to that opportunity and, many of you, were also determined promoters [of it]. Unfortunately, the Aiete Declaration couldn't be realised, despite concurring with the wishes of the majority of Basque citizens, the French and Spanish states made it impossible from the very beginning.

However, ETA decided to persevere. Beyond the Aiete Declaration and a hypothetical negotiation process, Euskal Herria was the starting point and the objective of all its activity. As such, it fulfilled the promises it had made previously and acquired new ones. In its most significant action, ETA gave its arms to the people and left the responsibility for its disarmament in the hands of civil society.

The people are also the fundamental recipients of this final decision:

  • Because ETA was formed from the people and to the people it returns.
  • Because it's based on confidence in the strength of the people.
  • And, above all, because it wants to make a contribution in the path towards the attainment of peace and freedom in Euskal Herria.

Indeed, ETA, with the decisions of these recent years, has bet, bravely and responsibly, on shaking off the situation of the last few decades and [has bet on] the construction of the future from a new starting point.

This decision closes the historical cycle of 60 years of ETA. It doesn't, however, solve the conflict which Euskal Herria maintains with Spain and with France. The conflict didn't start with ETA and doesn't end with the end of ETA's journey.

Over the years, many efforts have been made to channel the political conflict along rational paths. Formal negotiations have been set up, secret conversations have been carried out and innumerable proposals have been presented. We haven't been able to reach an agreement, neither between ETA and the government, nor between Basque agents. Responsibility for this is shared, and ETA accepts the part that falls to it.

The lack of desire to solve the conflict, and the lost opportunities, among others, have caused the conflict to stretch out and have multiplied the suffering of the different parties. Regardless, ETA recognises the suffering caused as a result of its struggle.

Euskal Herria is now before a new opportunity to definitively close the period of conflict and to construct its future between everyone. Let's not repeat the mistakes [of the past], let's not leave the problems to rot. That would be nothing more than a source of new problems.

Years of confrontation have left deep wounds and they have to be given the appropriate treatment. Some are still bleeding, because the suffering isn't a thing of the past.

Through this letter, and with all humility, ETA wants to extend one last opinion. In its opinion, the solution to the conflict and the construction of Euskal Herria needs all of you, because the future is everyone's responsibility.

Those of us who have been ETA militants, for our part, want to confirm our commitment to getting completely involved in this task, each of us in the way we consider most appropriate, with responsibility and honesty as ever.

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna


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