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ERC will propose deputy Roger Torrent as speaker of the new Catalan legislature during the opening of Parliament tomorrow at 11am (GMT+1). Torrent has been a deputy in the Catalan Parliament since 2012 and mayor of the small town of Sarrià de Ter in the north of Catalonia since 2007.

ERC announced their choice after the party's secretary general, Marta Rovira, called a meeting this afternoon to make a final decision.

Rovira then informed the other parties. The candidate for the speakership had been one of the great unknowns of the new legislature since the current speaker, Carme Forcadell, announced she wouldn't stand for the role again. The agreements between Junts per Catalunya and CUP establish that the first will hold the presidency and ERC the speakership.

The second name to be presented by ERC for the Parliament's Board is Alba Vergés, similarly a deputy since 2012, who should become one of the secretaries, presumably the third.