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Hundreds of demonstrators taking part in an event called by the Catalan National Assembly for during today's planned investiture debate have flooded into Barcelona's Ciutadella park, which contains the Parliament building, when one of the gates was opened. The protest, festive in nature, headed to the Parliament building.

The Mossos (Catalan police) present had to fall back when they realised they couldn't stop the crowd, but they remain in control of access to the Parliament itself.

Former CUP deputy Gabriela Serra joined the demonstrators at the Parliament's doors.

The demonstrators shouted slogans like "either invest the president or we'll occupy the Parliament" and "the government obeys, the people win".

They entered the park around 4:15pm, just after the end of ANC's event. Protestors flooded into the park followed by four Mossos vans. No incidents took place, nor is it known how the gate was opened.

Shortly before 5pm the park's gates were closed or blocked to avoid more people entering. At least one remains open, guarded by Mossos anti-riot officers. Some scenes of tension have been seen.