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The Council for the Republic has today suffered a new computer attack, minister Lluís Puig has announced. The website for sign-ups was taken down a number of times, although technicians managed to resolve the problem.

Today's attacks come the same day that sign-ups have opened for entities, having previously been limited to individuals, whether Catalans or from abroad. Puig had earlier congratulated the team of castellers (human tower builders) Sagals d'Osona for being the first to sign up.

Last week, Anonymous accused the Spanish and Russian governments of 70,000 cyber attacks against the Council since it was set up. "The 70,000 attacks suffered by the Council for the Republic since its creation are part of the agreement on cybersecurity signed between Spanish and Russian ministers in exchange for offering Spanish ports for Russia's intervention in Syria," the group claimed.

At the same time, unusual activity was seen associated with the Twitter account of the president in exile, Carles Puigdemont. A number of the president's tweets seemed to have been flagged as containing "sensitive material", meaning users had to click to unblock them. The situation was denounced by Puigdemont's social media adviser, Aleix Clarió.