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CUP's four deputies maintain their abstention on investing Jordi Turull president of Catalonia. The pro-independence, anti-capitalist party made the decision this afternoon after holding an extraordinary political council meeting. The decision, taken after consulting their membership, was announced 20 minutes before the debate was meant to start in the Parliament at 5pm local time. As such, the proposed candidate cannot be invested, the pro-independence majority not having enough votes left.

"We cannot make our political action conditional on the [Spanish] state's repressive action", the party said in a statement after the meeting. "From the first moment, we said it was necessary to continue the attack with a brave government programme for this legislature that continues the mandate of the 1st October [independence referendum]."

CUP say that the proposal JxCat and ERC have made to them "doesn't move forwards in the construction of republican or social measures". Similarly, they recall that "calling the investiture debate was a decision by ERC and JxCat which CUP didn't take part in".

After their political council meeting, a CUP spokesperson phoned JxCat and ERC to inform them of their decision.