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Catalan president, Quim Torra, demanded this Friday "immediate explanations" to Pedro Sanchez’s government for the "thousands of workers" affected by a temporary layoff scheme (ERTO) because of coronavirus "that have not been paid today" as they should have been.

He made the statement via Twitter, after presiding over an extraordinary televised meeting of the Catalan government.

"We are receiving very worrying news about thousands of workers affected by the layoff scheme, who have not been paid today as they should have been. The defencelessness and vulnerability in which these workers are left at the worst moment is extremely serious. We demand immediate explanations from the Spanish government”
- Quim Torra

In another tweet, Torra recalls that he has asked to extend the total confinement and demands "a written response" from the central government.

"Catalonia bases its request for total lockdown on the criteria of the expert epidemiologists. Today we have learned that the Spanish government is lifting it without having consulted its committee of experts. How is this possible? Based on what criteria was the decision taken?"

"Catalonia demanded yesterday a total lockdown, with the exception of essential services. We will accompany the request with a memorandum from experts. There is no scientific endorsement of today’s decision to return to work. I demand a written answer from the Spanish Government"
- Quim Torra