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Tuesday April 14th. In Catalonia, as in almost half the Spanish state, it's effectively the first day of a reduced coronavirus lockdown, which has been justified - in part - by the trends of the statistics on Covid-19 deaths and new infections. Those trends, however, continue to deliver a mixture of good and bad news. In Spain, the rate of new infections continues to decline but the rate of mortality, although generally trending slowly downward, has had another upward jump in the latest figures, from 3.0% to 3.2%. In the 24 hours since the last official count, the Spanish state registered 567 new fatalities (up from yesterday's figure of 517) while there were 3,045 more confirmed cases (yesterday: 3,477). 

The epicenter of the epidemic in Spain is still concentrated in Madrid. Three out of 10 deaths from coronavirus in the state have been in the capital, which totals 6,568 deaths. Catalonia, with 3,666 fatalities, accounts for 20% of the total number of victims in the official tally. 

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Spain leads the world ranking of deaths proportionate to population size, with a total of 18,056 fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic. The total number of people who have been given the medical all-clear after being ill with the virus is 67,504.

Catalonia's latest official daily figures show the same pattern: a fall in the number of new cases detected and the associated rate of new infection, but a significant upward bump in the number of deaths (128) and the mortality rate (3.6%), with both these figures returning to their highest level, in the case of Catalonia, since last Tuesday.

In the other list presented daily by the Catalan health authorities, the statistics on coronavirus among residents of care homes in Catalonia, the number of confirmed cases has risen to 3,921, and the number of deaths among residents has risen to 1,898, that is, indicating 73 deaths in the last day. These figures, provided by the rest homes themselves, partially overlap with the main health system statistics but the extent of double-counting has not been clearly defined.      

Below, latest official data and graphs for the coronavirus in Catalonia and Spain.

1. COVID-19 data for Catalonia and Spain

CATALONIA 13th April 2020*
Total confirmed cases 35,197
New cases in last day 471 (yesterday 699)
Total deaths 3,666  
Deaths in last day 128 (yesterday 96)
Total deaths since March 15th in residential care homes** 1,898
Deaths among these residents in last day** 73 (yesterday 162)

SPAIN 14th April 2020*
Total confirmed cases 172,541
New cases in last day 3,045 (yesterday 3,477)
Total deaths 18,056
Deaths in last day 567 (yesterday 517)

*Official Spanish figures for each day are compiled from previous night’s figures from autonomous regions
**This category overlaps with the general "Total deaths" category (residents of homes who die of Covid-19 in hospitals are included in both)

2: Daily increases in deaths and cases

CATALONIA: Daily deaths (black), daily increases in confirmed cases (blue)

SPAIN: Daily deaths (black), daily increases in confirmed cases (blue)


3. Total confirmed cases and deaths

Casos= Cumulative cases, Greus= number who have required intensive care, Morts=  cumulative deaths, Altes/Recuperats=  people who have recovered from Covid-19 in Catalonia. 



Confirmed coronavirus cases broken down by autonomous communities (on a touch screen or mouse pad, you can zoom by applying two fingers and separating them)


*Official Spanish figures for each day are compiled from previous night’s figures from autonomous regions