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The coronavirus contagion graphline is curving upwards again in Spain. According to data provided this Thursday by the Spanish health ministry, in the last 24 hours, 1,229 new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed. This is 76 more than yesterday's record breaking total of 1,153, which topped the 1,000-mark for new cases reported over the previous day for the first time since early May. Broken down by territories, Aragon continues to top the list, but there is a surprise. New cases in the Madrid region not only surpass those of Catalonia but almost double them. Two new deaths have been reported across Spain.

Since the pandemic first arrived in Spain, the total number of cases confirmed by PCR test is 285,430. Autonomous communities reported 2,789 new confirmed cases yesterday. Of those, 1,229 were diagnosed on Tuesday, and the rest correspond to previous days. By territories, Aragon continues to top the list, with 352 new cases in the last 24 hours, 28.6% of the new diagnoses in Spain. Behind are Madrid, with 225 cases; the Basque Country, with 145 cases; Catalonia, with 121 cases; and the Valencian Country, with 105 cases.

New cases in the last 30 days in Spain. Based on figures for the previous 24 hours released on weekdays by Spanish health ministry. 

In fact, since Spain classifies its new cases by the day of diagnosis, the one-day figure of 1,229 reported today is a useful indicator of the trend, but the true figure will itself keep growing. A way of appreciating this is given by the total number of cases diagnosed over the last week in Spain: here the figure is 13,391 - that is an average of 1,913 per day - which immediately puts today's new record into perspective. New cases in the last seven days have been dominated by 5,063 in Catalonia; followed by 2,685 in Aragon, 1,692 in Madrid, 897 in the Basque Country and 768 in Valencian territory. It is, however, worth noting that around half of the new cases confirmed over the last week have been asymptomatic.    

As for coronavirus deaths, they remain proportionately low compared to past moments in the pandemic in Spain with similar numbers of new cases. A total of 28,442 people have died from coronavirus in Spain according to the official statistics, this figure having risen with the addition of two more deaths in the last 24 hours. In the last seven days, according to health ministry data, ten people have died as a result of the pandemic. Values for deaths remain stable relative to previous days.

Deaths in the last 30 days in Spain

Health emergencies centre director Fernando Simón stressed that "there is no healthcare pressure", with the exception of a certain "loading" in Lleida and Aragon but which is "controllable". In terms of the number of people hospitalized, 77 more were reported today than yesterday and eight patients admitted to intensive care. By territories, Aragon (161), the Community of Madrid (75), Andalusia (40), the Valencian Country (41) and Catalonia (24) are the parts of the state which have had the most Covid-19 hospitalizations in the last week.

483 active outbreaks in Spain

Nevertheless, the pandemic is spreading, again, throughout Spain. Not only is this seen in the number of infections that the health ministry communicates every day, but also in the number of outbreaks that are being detected. Simón explained that there are currently 483 active outbreaks in Spain, which is 51 more than the last update, on Monday. A total of 5,700 known cases are linked to these. Most outbreaks have ten or fewer confirmed positive cases. Most are also related to the social sphere.

Total confirmed cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, by Spanish autonomous communities