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Catalonia's approaches to fighting the coronavirus have been shared at European level. The Catalan foreign ministry has sent the Generalitat government's plans for combating the virus to the European Commission and the EU's Committee of the Regions. They have been "very well received" says the ministry, as a "the starting point for sharing experiences in pandemic management with different international actors."

Catalan foreign minister Bernat Solé stated his support for "working together and sharing strategies from a decentralized and at the same time networked model" in Europe. "No state will come out of this on its own," he warned.

Solé expressed Catalonia's wish to be "an active and strong voice internationally." It is for this reason, he says, his office is working with other territories to "share good practices". For the minister, "this task of international exchange is essential because it makes it possible to exchange measures constructed with a local and regional perspective, and close to the people."

The experience sharing has, in fact, extended even further: the ministry has sent its strategy and actions against coronavirus promoted by the various Catalan government departments to a total of 15 European-level institutions, bodies and networks focused on regions and sectors.

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