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It's already in use and if you make a journey in Catalonia, you are strongly recommended to use it too. It's a new mobility certificate of "self-responsibility" for anyone who makes a journey away from their home, which the Catalan government has introduced under the coronavirus lockdown. The document - presented by Catalan interior minister Miquel Buch on Friday and now available in a new mobile application - is one of the new features of the lockdown to allow people to get on their way faster if stopped by police while they are out. Below are 1.Links to the document and application, 2.Translation of the Certificate to English by, and 3.FAQs answering basic questions.

1. Links to the certificate and app

🔴 Download the Certificate of self-responsibility for leaving your home during lockdown

🔴 Generate an on-line Certificate of self-responsibility via mobile application

2. The certificate, text in English 

Certificate of self-responsibility for a journey under the State of Alarm due to the COVID-19 public health crisis

Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm to manage the health crisis caused by COVID-19, establishes limitations on people's freedom of movement and determines the activities under which they will be able to travel on public roads.

I certify that my journey is related to the activity specified below (check the box), authorized by article 7 of Royal Decree 463/2020:
 [In the form, you tick the boxes that apply]

  • Acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities
  • Visit to a healthcare centre, service or establishment
  • Travel to workplace in order to work. Specify the company:_______
  • Return to usual place of residence
  • Visit to or care for elderly people, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people
  • Travel to a bank or insurance company
  • Force majeure or situation of need (specify):_______"

You are then asked for your: 

  • Route (with addresses of origin and destination, including for each of these, street address, province, county, municipality, postcode).
  • Personal data and signature (first and last name, Spanish DNI or Resident's NIF number)
  • In the on-line version you then click "Envia" to SEND the document.
3. FAQs

Some of the common doubts about the new measure are resolved below.

What is its purpose?
The purpose of the certificate of self-responsibility is for the member of the public to be able to explain the reason for his/her movement during the lockdown, and for police to be able to easily check if it matches the reality and the cases permitted under the current situation of the coronavirus health crisis. 

Is it just for car journeys or for movements on foot as well?
For both cases. Especially if the journey takes you far from your home. However, if you are very close to your home, eg, throwing away the rubbish or walking your dog, it is not necessary.

Is it compulsory?
Catalan interior minister Buch has made it clear that this "certificate of self-responsibility" is "recommended" but not an "obligation". The powers of the Catalan government on all matters related to the state of alarm are now in the hands of Spain, which has centralized them. That is why the Catalan authorities - who have issued the certificate of self-responsibility - cannot require people to use it.

Control policial policia mossos d'esquadra permís treball justificant mascareta coronavirus - Sergi Alcàzar

Should I print it? Can I show the app?
You don't need to print it. It is enough to show the document to officers on a mobile phone. Although it can also be used in paper format, the Catalan government has created the webpage so that the certificate can be generated online and so that you can have it on a mobile or other electronic device without printing it, as the Catalan ministry of digital policies has stated this Monday 23rd March. In addition, police patrols will have paper certificates to distribute to the pubic.

Can I be fined?
"We have confidence in people, this is an exercise in trust of the citizenry," said Buch in his presentation. But he warned that attempting to deceive the police would result in an appropriate penalty. Fines will be applied based on the parameters that the interior ministry has explained, ranging from 100 to 600,000 euros under Spain's so-called "gag law".

Do I have to update my certificate for every trip?
The department of Civil Protection recommends filling out the reason that you are leaving home for each journey you make. Catalan Mossos police are the only ones who can ask for the certificate and will return it to you.  

What will the police check?
With the document, agents can have a general view of the how the public are moving and see if this is "logical," according to Buch. The certificate includes the place of residence and final destination, so the Mossos can check if people have altered their route.

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