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Here we go again. With the return to tighter coronavirus restrictions in Catalonia, and now the imposition of a nighttime curfew between 10pm and 6am, the Catalan government has re-introduced the mobility certificate which was previously in voluntary use when travel was restricted earlier in the year. Catalan interior minister Miquel Sàmper presented the certificate on Sunday evening as the best way to justify such journeys.

Below is an image of the document for reference, but it's designed to be filled in on-line, and can then be saved as a PDF file on any device. There's a version in English (click on the language button) as well as Catalan and Castilian. 


The document has now been simplified so it's very quick to fill out, only requiring: name and surname(s), identification number (DNI, NIE or passport), date, reason for the journey (tick the applicable box, see below for translations), and postcodes and municipalities of origin and destination. Do that online, then click on "Generar certificat" and the certificate will appear with its own identifying code number. To get a PDF version, then select "Descarregueu-vos el certificat".  

The categories of valid journey reasons are, in the order that they appear in the document above in Catalan: 

  • Journeys to perform essential health and social services, by health professionals and accredited volunteer staff.
  • Care of pets (only between 4am and 6am).
  • Journeys home from educational centres, cultural activities and public shows.
  • Emergency health care, purchase of pharmacy products for emergency reasons (the closest to home) and urgent veterinary care.
  • Travel to and from work, and journeys derived from one's own work. Specify name of firm (optional). 
  • Return to your usual place of residence.
  • Care for the elderly, minors, dependent people, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable, for unavoidable reasons.
  • Urgent action relating to judicial institutions.
  • Force majeure or other situation of justified need. Specify (required).

If you don't have the certificate, you should carry with you "any other accrediting document (medical certificate, company certificate on employment, etc.) that justifies the journey and present that if asked for a police check", says the Catalan interior ministry in its guidelines.

Outside the exceptions, the prohibition on nighttime mobility applies throughout Catalonia from 10pm to 6am. Full curfew rules in English are here.

The Catalan interior ministry has warned that the person who presents the document is responsible for the accuracy of the information it contains. 

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