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Catalan protest platform Tsunami Democràtic is planning its "most ambitious action proposed so far". In a statement shared online, they announce it will take place between the 11th and 13th of this month, but limit the further details they are giving at this stage.

tsunami democratic eleccions

Whilst they may give no great clues as to their plans, they do have some advice for those intending to take part. They say people should ask for a day off work over those three days, if possible, and then "be ready to travel around the territory and, if you can, spend the night outside". As such, they recommend supporters "prepare warm clothing, extra batteries for your mobile, provisions, a sleeping bag and a tent and a tenaciously non-violent attitude."

The platform says that, whatever the result of this Sunday's Spanish general election, "whilst there is no political solution to the exercising of the right to self-determination, the release of the prisoners, exiles and those suffering reprisals and the free exercising of fundamental rights, the people will remain mobilised and showing their strength."

Day of reflection

The day before any election in Spain is known as the "day of reflection". For 24 hours, campaigning and new advertising is banned. This time, Tsunami has decided to take advantage of the day for another wave of protests. They say this is also a chance for them to test out their app. There are planned actions in more than 300 towns, cities and villages.

Map: L'Alerta

In Barcelona, the day of "disobedience against the Central Electoral Commission and in favour of fundamental rights" will start at 4pm in plaça Catalunya. It will involve performances by a range of famous Catalan musicians and bands, as well as poetry readings and speeches by activists on social rights and freedoms.