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The Catalan Parliament has this Tuesday passed a motion brought by CUP declaring that the Spanish Constitution is "antidemocratic and antisocial"JxCatERC and En Comú supported CUP in the motion, which was opposed by Cs, PSC and PP.

The proposal argues that the Constitution defines a hereditary monarch as head of state, doesn't recognise the right to self-determination, gives the armed forced "the mission of defending [Spain's] territorial integrity" and maintains the Church's "privileges" instead of establishing a secular state.

The motion also expresses support for the political prisoners and exiles and the demonstrations planned for this Friday when the Spanish cabinet will meet in Barcelona. This article, however, was only voted for by the pro-independence parties, with En Comú abstaining.

The first article of the motion states that the legal basis of Spain's transition to democracy after the Franco regime, including the Constitution and the Amnesty Law, didn't "guarantee the democratic, social and national rights of our people".

Deputy Vidal Aragonés (CUP), who presented the motion, argued that Catalans reject the system that came from that transition to democracy and want to decide what kind of society they want to live in. He also explicitly expressed his party's support for Friday's protests.

Irene Fornós (ERC), meanwhile, said that nobody now wants the system from the transition, and Francesc de Dalmases (JxCat) said that the problem in Catalonia "is a parliamentary monarchy inherited from Francoism". Finally, Lucas Ferro (En Comú) said that the Constitutional Court's 2010 verdict on a new Catalan Statute of Autonomy and last year's application of article 155 of the Constitution "have broken Catalonia's constitutional fit".

From the pro-union side, Matías Alonso (Cs) said that the Constitution is the source that allows Spain to be a full democracy, Ferran Pedret (PSC) that Spain "has deficiencies" but is not an authoritarian state as CUP say, and Alejandro Fernández (PP) that the bill is a "an amendment to the entirety of the Constitution".