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The Catalan Parliament will meet in plenary session next Thursday morning. On the agenda is a debate on the restoration of self-government and of the Catalan institutions, after central government intervention last year via article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. They will also discuss the investiture of a new president and the suspension of the related deadlines.

The holding of the session was agreed by the Parliament's Board of Spokespeople this Friday morning, after anti-independence party Ciutadans, registered a request for one, before other parties registered motions for resolution. The Parliament's speaker, Roger Torrent, announced the date this afternoon.

The motions on the agenda include one from JxCat, Puigdemont's party, on the "restoration of the Catalan institutions", one from En Comú-Podem about "the reestablishment of self-government, the Parliament's sovereignty and unblocking" and one from PSC "for agreement and change" as well as Ciutadans's own "about the unblocking of the situation of an institutional and political crisis".

Ciutadans, having been the largest party in last December's election, has the necessary deputies (more than a fifth of the chamber) to force the holding of a plenary session.

En Comú-Podem registered their proposal two weeks ago defending the Parliament's sovereignty, their complete rejection of the application of article 155 and their defence of the model of public education in Catalonia. PSC, meanwhile, registered a resolution this Thursday which would de facto lead to the restarting of the countdowns towards the investiture of a new president and government.

Reports suggest that the groups who haven't yet registered motions for next week's session are planning to in the coming days. During the debate, each group will have a total of 15 minutes to explain their positions on the proposals. Before moving to votes, amendments can be presented to all of the motions.