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Junts per Catalunya wants the Catalan Parliament to censure Spanish king Felipe VI. As such, as part of today's general policy debate, the pro-independence party has today introduced a bill to condemn "the conduct of king Felipe VI and, in particular, stance he took against the Catalan institutions and their representatives" in his speech on 3rd October last year. The bill also calls for the abolition of the monarchy.


Specifically, the text, to be voted on this Thursday, "condemns the support and the pep talk which, in that speech, he offered the police violence against the Catalans who wanted to exercise their right to vote and who were victims of that intolerable violence". That speech, it continues, "justified and encouraged the application of repression without precedents which had to occur in coordination between the various powers of the [Spanish] state".

Given all this, JxCat note that a broad majority of Catalan society is opposed to the institution of the monarchy, for which it wants the Catalan chamber to "demand its abolition".

In another bill proposed separately, JxCat wants the Parliament to affirm that the legal proceedings against the independence movement have caused the "persecution for political reasons" of hundreds of people and the existence of "political prisoners and exiles".