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Some hours after the nomination of Josep Borrell as EU foreign policy chief, the Catalan government issued its first statement during the weekly cabinet meeting conference press. 

Meritxell Budó, presidency minister stated that Borrell "has had an inflammatory attitude wherever he went". Notwithstanding this, she was willing to see a positive reading into Borrell's new position: "We will adopt the view that the conflict he has been fuelling has ceased to be an internal affair, the Catalan conflict is now part of the European debate". 

Following the implications with Europe, Budó lamented that the international justice had decided to dismiss the precautionary measures appealed by Puigdemont and Comín as MEP-elects while their case was being resolved. In this sense, she thanked the thousands of protesters for having travelled to Strasbourg for another mass rally, and stated that the unity that the Catalan citizenship is asking for was being taken on board by president Torra who is currently having conversations with the various pro-independence parties in order to come to a unity of action. 


Dialogue with no red lines 

Upon the imminent investiture of Pedro Sánchez next 22nd July, at the Spanish Congress, the Catalan government is insisting on its willingness to reinstate the dialogue and to sit at the table as soon as possible. The government says: "We will not  have any red lines". 


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