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The Catalan government, headed by president Quim Torra and vice-president Pere Aragonès, on the second anniversary of the independence referendum, has held a ceremony in the government palace in which it committed to "moving forwards without excuses towards the Catalan Republic, to make it a reality". They will also persist in trying to peacefully and democratically achieve the return of the prisoners and exiles.

Torra and Aragonès read the Compromís Primer d'Octubre ("First October Commitment"), accompanied by the cabinet and other senior officials. "The government commits itself to democratic radicalism, to self-determination, to dialogue, to social cohesion, to the scrupulous respect for human rights, civil rights and collective liberties," they said.

It was a short ceremony in which they gave no details on how they would realise their commitment to bringing about the republic, although they insisted that "the first of October will always be a foundational day of today's republicanism in Catalonia".

The text notes that on 1st October 2017, Catalans went to vote "despite a state of threats, fear and violence", saying that means it will always be a date "of dignity and of a democratic outburst in favour of the right to self-determination". "That day, Catalan society took control and stood up to the cruelty", the text says, whilst also recalling the serious consequences it had for members of the then government amongst others.

The Catalan government says that the spirit that dominated that day is what will be needed to face the "challenges of the future" on the path to a republic "which will be inevitable".

In the middle of police and legal operations aiming to link the independence movement with violent actions, the executive repeatedly insists on its undeniable and unquestionable commitment to peace and dialogue.

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