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The delegate of the Government in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Sergi Marcén, and the delegate in Germany, Marie Kapretz, explained Monday how they were spied by the Borrellgate. In an interview at El Matí in Catalunya Ràdio, the delegates reported the "ideological persecution" they suffered from the Spanish government that was trying to demonstrate that the Catalan delegations' aim was promoting pro-independence abroad.


Personal spies

"Before 155 I had a personal spy, Damián, who was very kind and did not hide. We even joked one day" - Marcen revealed. The UK delegate explained that the spy was in all the acts he himself attended, and that he has documentary records indicating that his communications had been intervened: "We thought we were living in a state which was a rule of law that protected us". Knowing that we were being spied on was an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation. There is something called the data protection law and another that is called privacy which, in principle, both the State and Borrell should protect. But there is documentation that makes us think that they have intervened our communications. "

In addition, Marcén has criticised that the report presented by the State Advocacy refers to his personal Twitter account "It is an ideological persecution. We have done the work that we are entitled to do and we follow the directives of the Catalan Government. The Spanish government has crossed many red lines, "he defended.


Persecution of the private sphere

For her part, the government delegate in Germany has also reported how she was spied by the Spanish government. In her case, much of the surveillance was carried out when she was not in any institutional role, which is a major violation in the private sphere that Kapretz will report soon to the courts.

"In my case, they were following me when the article 155 was applied in Catalonia, when I did not hold any position at the Catalan Government. I have been reprehended for things did in my private time when I did not hold any office. I had been ceased. They want to use my private activity to harm the Catalan government" - she explained.

In addition, the delegate assured that there is a great discomfort in the Bundestag, the German Parliament, for the alleged espionage and warned that it could entail major diplomatic consequences for Spain.

The two delegates abroad have firmly defended their work and explained that their task was "to promote Catalonia and make it known in the world" and that they followed the indications of the Catalan government at all times. "We thought we were living in a rule of law where all rights were protected," they regretted.