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Catalan president in exile Carles Puigdemont has expressed on Twitter his indignation at the sentences handed down to his former colleagues today by Spain's Supreme Court.

Translation: "100 years in prison in total. An outrage. Now more than ever, [we're] at your side and that of your families. We have to react, as never before. For our children's future. For democracy. For Europe. For Catalonia."

Earlier in the day, he had noted that the sentences are being released on the eve of the anniversary of the death of Lluís Companys, a president of Catalonia executed by the Franco regime and to call for "absolution and freedom".

His former ministers who left with him into exile have also started to comment on the sentences. Former culture minister Lluís Puig chose to write his message in French: "Today, we shouldn't be sad or depressed. It's a great day for the Catalan people which will mark them in their flesh and in all their spirits. An end to/hunger for justice (end to Spanish justice, hunger for justice for the Catalans)."

Former education minister Clara Ponsatí wrote: "In the face of injustice, revolt. Go out to win!"

Former agriculture minister and current Catalan representative to the EU, Meritxell Serret: "Today they've consummated a great injustice. Let's show that we're strong in that which really makes a country and makes us win: the people. Let's take care of each other! Let's keep going!"

Former health minister Toni Comín originally retweeted Puigdemont's comments, as well as a message in English from the international account of the ANC.

He later tweeted: "Democrats cannot remain silent in the face of such injustice."

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