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Coripe is a village in Seville which holds an annual festival called La Quema de Judas ("The burning of Judas"), once common at Easter in many Orthodox and Catholic countries, which consists of burning and shooting an effigy representing Judas. In Coripe, however, the figure each year is modelled after a notable figure who has "harmed Spain" over the previous twelve months.

This year, the effigy paraded through the streets of Coripe and symbolically "murdered" was of the Catalan president in exile, Carles Puigdemont.

Translation: Attention. This is how they've "murdered" the right honourable president Puigdemont in the village of Coripe. The local police were carrying the ammunition in a car with the logo of the Andalusian government. Sorry, but that's incredibly serious. 

 Translation: Santiago Abascal, Iván Espinosa [politicians from far-right party Vox]. Respecting the traditions of my village, CORIPE.

We'll have a controversy this year too. 

The tradition of the Judas in Coripe (Seville)... This year: Puigdemont.

The effigy of the president, draped in an estelada "starred" pro-independence flag and with a large yellow ribbon on his suit's lapel was borne through the streets of the village to the town square. There, it was hung by its neck from a fig tree, burnt and shot.

Among the figures chosen to be the Judas in previous years are Eva Sannum, ex-girlfriend of Felipe VI, Iñaki Urdangarin, the king's imprisoned brother-in-law, and high-profile murderers (or alleged murderers). The decision of who it will be any given year is made by the parents' association of the local school.

The tradition holds National Touristic Interest status.