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Lawyer Gonzalo Boye has celebrated the decision by the Appeals Court in Brussels to order further investigations into alleged spying against Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, namely claims that Spanish intelligence operatives fixed tracking devices to his car.

The lawyer has told El Nacional that the court has ordered three specific steps: questioning a representative of the Italian firm that sold the devices, questioning representatives of three companies that sold components for the devices and identifying the users of a number of telephones.

Catalan news agency ACN reported in April that sources close to the Belgian police investigation had told them that the first device was placed on the car during the morning of 2nd February 2018 whilst it was parked in a hotel garage. The second was added two days later, on 4th February.

Belgian experts found that they were "sophisticated" devices which were prepared beforehand from "high-quality materials and by expert hands". Probably, according to investigators, near Arquennes, some forty minutes from the capital and twenty from Waterloo, where the president now lives.

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