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Unitary action of Catalan pro-independence parties representatives in the Madrid's parliament in the case of espionage of Catalan Government delegations abroad. Catalan republican left ERC and JxCat parliamentary groups have registered a request this Wednesday summoning acting Spanish foreign minister, Josep Borrell. The joint request was signed by spokespersons, Gabriel Rufián and Laura Borràs. They also registered a call for the Permanent Council to summon this extraordinary plenary.

The reason for summoning Borrell -as stated in below document- is "to inform about the work of espionage of the external services of the Spanish State on the external services of the Catalan government". The petition comes after Tuesday's news that the Spanish foreign ministry has for months been spying on Catalan government delegations abroad, particularly on London, Geneva and Berlin headquarters. The Spanish embassies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany were specifically asked to follow the actions of international projection of the Catalan case closely and produce reports of the actions allegedly carried out by Catalan government delegations and foreign minister, Alfred Bosch.


Both groups have also, separately, registered questions addressed to the Spanish government, where they demand to know when has the espionage of Catalan external action started, and whether it is ongoing today, who ordered it, and whether Borrell and Pedro Sánchez knew about it, and with what funds it was paid, among other issues.