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Today, the main road routes over the border between France and Catalonia reopened after over thirty hours. One of the secondary actions Tsunami Democràtic called for the second of three days of planned protests moved the focus along the frontier to the Basque Country.

The intention of the action, dubbed Operation Snail, was to overwhelm the road network near the border, specifically from the toll booths at Oiartzun to Hendaia, near the town of Irun. Tsunami called for participants to drive at 60km/h (40mph) with warning lights on. Announced mid-morning for 6pm, there were already significant tailbacks as early as 4pm.

Although some Catalans had travelled over to join in, the majority of the participants were local Basques showing their solidarity. Many of the cars bore both estelades, Catalan pro-independence "starred" flags, and ikurrina Basque flags.

19:30h tall tsunami behobia

The situation at 7:30pm

According to the Basque security department, traffic started slowing northbound after 3 in the afternoon. By 6:30, the queues heading towards France already stretched beyond Errenteria, and many cars had ground to a halt. The effects of the action were also noted in the other direction.

Basque and French police were working together to divert traffic along secondary roads, but the quantity of lorries was causing problems on the smaller routes.