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The call from Barça's CDR has been heard and Camp Nou has again shown that a large portion of Catalan society continues insisting on the release of the political prisoners and that it doesn't want politicians in exile. Today's action was fans blowing up yellow balloons around the stadium during today's Champions League match between Barça and Roma. A handful even ended up on the pitch.

It's already habit for fans to shout for independence and the prisoners' release 17:14 into both the first and second halves (the fall of Barcelona at the end of the War of the Spanish Succession was in 1714). But this time, there was a stronger visual component. Fans brandished thousands of balloons at the set time, followed by a unanimous clamour as usual.

The idea was suggested some days ago by the CDR (Committee for Defence of the Republic) created among club members. This new action is the most noteworthy made at a match yet. Taking advantage of the Champions League's international profile, Barça's CDR intended to say that "we want Barça's colours associated with the causes of freedom, democracy and Catalonia".

After the two shouts and the show of balloons, some of the fans threw them. Some of them floated or rolled over the pitch, but not enough for the referee to have to stop the game.

Balloons confiscated

A number of supporters have complained that their balloons were confiscated on "orders of the club" as they entered the stadium. Clearly, however, many fans managed to hide them well enough.

Balloons were handed out by pro-independence organisations Òmnium Cultural and ANC whilst other had been brought by fans themselves from home.