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Ada Colau has decided to go for it. Whilst on election night last month she appeared defeated and as though she'd accepted her time as mayor of Barcelona was over, having come second, this Thursday evening she has confirmed she wants to stand for investiture again.

That's the result of a meeting of senior Barcelona en Comú party leadership. Their conclusion was to put her name forward for investiture as mayor "in order to continue promoting the brave policies initiated in 2015 and to achieve a stable government capable of overcoming blocks". The decision will be debated and voted on by party activists in an assembly on Friday.

Since the day after the elections, on 26th May, Colau hasn't appeared in public to answer questions from the media. The announcement was made in a press statement hours after Ernest Maragall (ERC), who came first in the election, and Jaume Collboni (PSC) said they were both prepared to discuss forming a joint government with Colau, as long as the other party wasn't involved. En Comú has all along wanted a three-way pact between the left-wing parties, an option which has been discounted on multiple occasions by both the others parties, one of which supports Catalan independence whilst the other opposes it.

Today's announcement appears like a decision, apparently counting out negotiations with Maragall. With PSC's support she would have enough votes to return as mayor, given that Manuel Valls has already promised her Ciudadanos' support for free. The investiture debate is on 15th June.

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