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Spain’s autonomous community of Madrid already counts 213 deaths from coronavirus, a considerable increase in recent hours. It was 133 yesterday, and 64 the day before yesterday. The growth is very rapid, and it represents the vast majority of deaths in the whole of Spain, which are now 288.

Madrid is also the community with the highest number of infected people, 3,544 of the 7,753 positive cases in all of Spain. Almost half of them.

Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez, declared a countrywide state of alarm on Saturday after the number of cases in Spain increased.

Yesterday, Sánchez proposed a series of measures corresponding to the state of alarm, such as population confinement and only allowing citizens to move in strict cases, although the closure of the community of Madrid to prevent movements is still not a reality. Italy or China decreed the total lockdown of the areas with the highest number of people infected.

Catalonia is in the second position, but at a huge distance, with 12 dead and 903 infected.